Friday, January 28, 2011


Poor baby Grant.

We took him to the doctor Wednesday only to find out he has RSV. The bad news is that it lasts 10 days. The good news is that he's on day 5 of the illness. The doctor said that if he hadn't run a fever by now, he probably wouldn't, and the illness would likely run its course pretty quickly. So far, no fever. We are keeping our fingers crossed.

The little guy has a really bad cough. It's so sad to see him struggle to breathe. He's not been a happy camper these past few days.

We're not happy with the daycare we picked out, so now we're shopping around for other options. Keep your fingers crossed that we find one we can trust. At the moment, Grant has been pulled from his first daycare due to his illness being so contagious. I don't want to do to some other baby, what someone did to Grant. If you're sick, STAY HOME!!

Here is Grant in his new Bumbo seat! He can almost sit up and really enjoy it!

He was trying to get a good look at my laptop. Good boy, Grant! I see a budding Windows engineer there. ;)

At night, we've been having to prop Grant up at an angle to insure that he doesn't get a lot of blockage in his throat from being sick. Here he is all ready for bed - swaddled and with his glow-seahorse.

This is what he does the most of lately. Being sick takes it out of you. But I am not going to complain about the amount of cuddles I am getting.

And lastly, I'll leave you with the sweetest picture of his precious hair. I could stroke his tiny head all day!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

A sick little boy

Well, Grant has his first cold. And while he's been a complete trooper the past couple of days, we can't help but be saddened every time we hear his tiny little cough and his tired little cry.

But while we have dealt with this rather unpleasant "first" in his life, we've also had the sheer joy of seeing him smile for the first time. Well, yes, he's smiled a few times before, but we called those "sleepy smiles", where he would randomly smile in his sleep. However, this awesome open-mouth smile was the direct result of his discovery of his bassinet mobile. We had him propped up rather high in his bassinet, which put him in a much better position to see the little bears on his mobile. We actually got video of this event! Here is a screen capture from that video:

For a brief moment, we thought he would laugh, but alas, it hasn't happened yet. So, recap... First "real" smile was captured on January 23rd!

For today, I'll leave you with a picture that our friend Stephanie captured after a photo session with Grant when I was packing him up to take him home. He was 4 weeks old exactly here. Stephanie is a pretty darn great novice photographer, as you'll see when you receive the birth announcement, since she was the one taking those pictures. I'm thinking of framing this one. What do you think?

Grant's first day of daycare!

Well, Grant and Mommy both survived my first week back at work. Of course, it helped that Monday was a national holiday and I got an extra day home with my little guy. Because I'm camera-happy and love capturing every moment, I have Grant's "first day of daycare" pictures to share.

We started out the day early, at 6:00am, where I was thrilled that Grant allowed me to sleep for almost 8 hours straight! What a way to start of the week - thanks, Baby!

Then we picked out a cute outfit, but Grant was not happy about it. He cried and it broke our hearts! We did not want to take him to daycare that day.

But after getting breakfast, Grant was happy once again. Rob took a picture of me with him on his first day...

When we got to the center, they immediately put him in a bouncy seat with his blanket. He seemed to enjoy it ok for a little bit.

All in all, Grant did well his first day, and the rest of the week. Although today, I was told that he peed on two different people during diaper changes! Oops! Guess they're going to have to be more careful when changing his diaper!

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Grant is 6 weeks old!

It's time to start blogging!

Granted, (see what I did there?) there won't be a lot of words, but mostly just daily photos of what Grant's doing, what Mom and Dad are doing, and maybe even what Parker and Cole are doing.

Grant slept 8 hours last night, for the 3rd night in a row! I think this makes for a happy baby, and definitely for a happy Mom and Dad.

On our way out the door to take Grant to "school", he kept giving us these sweet half-smiles. So here's one for you to enjoy, complete with how-can-you-stand-the-cuteness dimple.

Some pictures will be straight from my iPhone, so the quality leaves a little to be desired. But hey, at least it's something, right?

As an aside, I want to keep track of Grant's stats at each well-baby checkup.  Since I wasn't blogging when he was two weeks old, I'll go ahead and add them here to his first blog post.

At his 2-week checkup, here were his stats!

10 pounds 9 ounces
22.5" long
37 centimeters head circumference