Monday, February 14, 2011

10 weeks old today.

My my, how time flies. Grant is growing up so fast! He is so good at holding his head up and looking around when we are carrying him upright. He is very interested in the most mundane views - the ceiling fan, lights, high contrast images like the picture that hangs on the bedroom wall. He's becoming more alert and aware every day. He still hasn't found his hands, but he smiles a lot more now and coos, too. I just love the coos. They are so sweet and very soft. He's not a loud coo-er just yet.

Sunday, we spent a couple of hours at my friend Stephanie's house, while Stephanie took some more photos of our handsome guy. She is the one who took his birth announcement photos. Here is a preview of some snapshots from yesterday's shoot. Enjoy!

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