Thursday, February 17, 2011

10.5 weeks.

Our bouncing baby boy has grown very finicky the past couple of weeks. He's getting to be more grouchy when he's awake. I'm not sure what could be the culprit. We thought maybe the new vitamins the pediatrician recommended might be making him gassy. We took those away, but he's still the same. I guess this is just one of those phases of fussiness that he will eventually outgrow.

I do love it when he wakes up in the morning. While he's still swaddled, he'll give me the biggest smiles. He's such a morning person. Don't know who he got that from! And when we unswaddle him after a long night's sleep, he will stretch and stretch and stretch. It is so adorable. I could just eat him whole.

Here are some pics from the past few days. Don't blink - he changes so fast!

This was a pic from when we were on our way to Stephanie's house to have some 10-week pics made.

Here he is in his daycare bouncy seat. I was dropping him off and couldn't resist taking a picture of him in his Red Hot Chili Peppers onesie. The girls at his school all loved it.

He "made" this for me at daycare. It's a Hershey's bar with some stickers, pictures and his handprints on it. It was so sweet. The first thing I've ever received as a mom from our son! And yes, of course I ate the whole thing. ;)

This is a pic from this morning right after getting little dude dressed. I thought this outfit was so cute! It has a little bear on the hiney.

Me and Grant this morning.

This pic is from last Saturday. We were just messing around with the camera trying to get some good pics of mommy with Grant and daddy with Grant.

This was taken Sunday when Grant was especially smiley. We were about to run a quick errand. Grant loves his car seat and riding in the car.

And last but not least, these are the beautiful flowers I came home to on Monday. Rob is still a romantic! :)

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  1. Oh my goodness, he's so cute! And his head is HUGE! :)

    Love the flowers.


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