Wednesday, February 2, 2011

8 weeks and another visit to the doctor -

After a trying weekend of sickness, I decided to take a sick day Monday and made another appointment with Grant's pediatrician, and made an appointment for myself with my primary care doctor. Turns out that we both now have sinus infections! Grant got a breathing treatment and we both got antibiotics.

Then, on Tuesday, we were iced in! So I've been working from home yesterday and today (and possibly tomorrow), and Grant has had a few more days to try and recover before going back to day care.

Since Grant's congestion is helped by sitting up, he's been having to sleep in his carseat or swing for a few days - this was the recommendation of the pediatrician. Since he already sleeps pretty well in his carseat any time we go anywhere, this seemed to be the logical choice. To keep him elevated, we have the stroller set up. It's actually convenient, as he can be rolled to where ever we are in the house, even asleep.

Now for what you really want to see. Pics!

Grant has to wear mittens a lot because he is really bad about scratching his perfectly smooth little face. :(

But mostly this week, Grant is doing a lot of snoozing. His little body is trying very hard to heal itself. We're giving him all the time he needs.

In his stroller in the living room, while mommy works from home.

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