Sunday, February 27, 2011

Almost 12 weeks!

Grant has had a rough week being sick, but it has not affected his level of cute.  He has been doing a lot of sleeping, and that is A-OK with us as I am sure this is helping him get well faster.  His tiny body needs rest.

Today, he discovered his feet!  I wish I had caught this on video.  It was tres cute!  He kept kicking them and watching them with really wide eyes.  I wonder if finding his feet was spawned from me grabbing his feet and putting them in his face, which always elicits big smiles.  We'll never know. 

I finally went to get the CD from Stephanie with Grant's latest photo shoot photos.  He cried nearly the entire time we were there, so there weren't a lot of photos to work with.  But Stephanie is brilliant with photography and photoshop.  We got several we were able to print and save.  I just love her work!

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