Friday, February 25, 2011

A trip to the after-hours clinic

Last night, poor Grant was coughing non-stop. Coughing so much that his tiny face would turn deep red and almost purple, and after he'd finish, he would sort of make a half-hearted "yeah" yell, telling us all about his disdain for his circumstances. We know that these colds and coughs and snotty noses are normal, and that each day of sickness in turn builds his immune system more and more, but there is nothing that can describe the pain we feel as parents in not being able to do anything to ease his discomfort. We give lots of snuggles and lots of milk and lots of attention to try and make his days of illness go by a little easier. As he was finishing his last bottle of the day last night, around 9:00pm, we thought he would settle in for the evening as usual. A little playing with his hands and feet, some peek-a-boo, a diaper change, a snug swaddle, and out like a light. Eh, not so much. As Dad worked on his laptop next to Grant in his bouncy seat, Grant, without any warning, projectile horked all over the place. On the bouncy seat, the bed where the bouncy seat was resting, Dad, maybe a little on the Mac (sorry, Dad!), and of course, himself.

It scared us. We were sure this justified a trip to the after-hours clinic. Boy are we typical first-time parents. We got there at 10:30, and after an RSV test (negative!), an oxygen saturation test (97%), and a breathing treatment, we were sent home with no more information than we had to begin with. His oxygen was good before the breathing treatment, so why they even did it is a mystery. Grant has a cold. It sounds really bad to us, but we were assured by the doctor on duty that it wasn't that bad at all.


So, no meds. It's just one of those things that we have to ride out.

In the meantime, I'll share with you some photos from my iPhone that we've taken over the past week or so.

Smiley boy!

I surrender!  I think he looks a lot like Rob in this picture.  What do you think?

A trip to Costco.  The lion in his car seat with him is a "lovie".  We got a lot of these in various shapes and sizes from friends and family before he was born.  They are precious!  I believe I have a stash big enough for him to carry one around until he's 18.  And if that's what he wants to do, I will keep his secret.  :)

Looking a little pensive.  Sometimes we have to substitute socks for mittens when the laundry needs to be done.  I recently brought home a lot more mittens, however.  Hopefully he won't need them too much longer.  I hate that he can't be trusted with his own hands.

My favorite pics of all are when he's sleeping. He is an absolute angel.

And out of every smiley pic, sweet sleeping pic, or awesome action shot, we get quite a few of these.  Just in case you were wondering if he was a real baby, here's the proof.  :)

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