Monday, March 7, 2011

3 months old yesterday!

Grant officially turned 3 months old - his quarter birthday - yesterday!  He celebrated by visiting with two sets of grandparents.  Lunch with Mimi, Poppy, Nana (great-grandmother), and Aunt Debra at Babe's Chicken, and then dinner with Nonna and Grandpa, and Uncle M at their house.  He also screamed much of the evening.  I'm not sure if that was in celebration or not, as he did not tell us, but he made his presence known, and I choose to believe he was celebrating in his own way.  Or he was just cranky.  But whatever.

On Friday, after 3 doctor appointments in about a week, Grant was diagnosed again with RSV and given drugs, finally.  He is still coughing and congested today.  We are on day 17 of this virus/cold/sickness/general malaise, but he is finally improving.  He is back at daycare today.  I called around noon, and they said he is still doing great. 

Tomorrow is my birthday, and I couldn't think of a better gift than having Grant, but Rob is taking me to The Oceanaire for dinner (my fav!), and Grant will stay with his favorite aunt (and neighbor) Debra.  Thanks, Debra!

Now, on to what you really want to see. 

Visiting with Mimi.

Playing in his Bumbo seat for the first real time!  He loves it when Daddy picks him up in his seat.

Here he is hanging out with Mommy while I get ready for our visits with all the grandparents on Sunday.

Grant got his new high chair this weekend.  He likes to sit in it and be next to me while I'm working in the kitchen. 

Playing with Aunt Debra.

Having fun with Daddy.

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  1. aw what a sweetie. i love the pictures of him when dad is holding him. he looks ECSTATIC! :)


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