Tuesday, March 22, 2011

And we're down again...

The breathing treatments seemed to put Grant in much higher spirits on Saturday and Sunday.  He would not stop smiling the whole weekend.  It was like a night and day difference.   Dr Katz said to bring him back on Monday if he wasn't significantly better, but he seemed to be slightly better, so we decided to wait one more day.  Well, I was super sick Monday afternoon (with Grant's cold, of course) and stayed home from work today.  We also decided that Grant sounded worse with his coughing and were afraid the breathing treatments weren't working, so we trekked back up to Dr Katz's for another visit.

We are glad we went!  Grant has the beginning of an ear infection that wouldn't have been caught this early had we not taken him in.  Dr Katz thinks his lungs actually sounded better, which I was seriously shocked to hear.  He ended up giving us an antibiotic for the ear infection, and sent us home with instructions to continue the breathing treatments and steroid from Saturday.

Tonight, we administered the first dose of antibiotic and Grant projectile vomited the medicine up, with about 4oz of milk almost immediately.  This is the first he's vomited for this go-round of the cold, so who can say what this means.  We are currently letting him rest and will try again with the antibiotic shortly.

Now, on to what you really want to see - pics of Grant!  This weekend, we broke out the new jogging stroller.  Grant loved it.  Mommy and Daddy loved it.  Even the puppies loved it, because for them, it means more walks!

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