Monday, May 9, 2011

My first mother's day

My first mother's day was fantastic.  Rob and Grant gave me a DSLR camera and we took a lot of great photos!  I've never really had a nice camera - just the point and shoot variety.  This camera blows those out of the water.  I can't wait to learn more about what it can do and start shooting in manual mode.

On Sunday, Rob took care of the baby and allowed me to rest in bed watching TV until 11:00am!  I don't think I've done that in more than a year.  It was the best gift ever.

That evening, we went over to Grandpa's and Nonna's house for mother's day dinner.  Grandpa, Uncle Michael, and Daddy (but mostly Uncle Michael!) prepared a delicious meal of grilled salmon with a beurre blanc sauce, jasmine rice, and green beans.  For dessert, there was both red velvet cake (which we picked up at Costco) and strawberry shortcake with home made whipping cream.  Are you hungry just reading that?  Michael is in cooking school and I swear, the salmon from last night was the best salmon I've ever had in any restaurant.  Thumbs UP!  Grandpa and Nonna gave me a massage for mother's day.  I cannot WAIT to use it!  Now just to find the time.  What happens to time when you have a baby?  It just vanishes!

Grant also got to eat rice cereal for the first time, as we showed in yesterday's pictures.  He did so well.  I can't wait to feed him again tonight.  He loved it.  I really think waiting until the 5-month mark was the right thing to do.  He's cognitively ready for it now and knows just what to do with that spoon.

Grant has an allergist appointment on the 23rd.  We're going to talk to the doctor about the common food allergies that kids have and steer clear of those foods for a while.  We also have Grant's 6-month appointment coming up in about a month, and will talk with his pediatrician about what foods he recommends for starters, and possibly start Grant on jarred baby food when he's six months old.  Grant is still being nebulized daily with the albuterol and the steroid.  There really hasn't been a whole lot of improvement, but we're hoping that with the warmer weather, comes some relief for him.

Now, on to the show.  Here are more pics from school!

Grant is making a butterfly here with his foot as the body and his hands as the wings.

Grant loves a good bumbo seat.  Here he is looking particularly cute.


  1. His smile is so radiant and cute. :) I see you in his eyes, too. What a sweetie-pie!

  2. What a fun little activity for him at school!


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