Sunday, May 15, 2011


It appears that Grant is getting a tooth!  We can only barely see a white bud forming under his gum on the bottom row, front left.  He has been kind of fussy the past couple of days, but not too bad.  He's not going to bed as easily as he was in the past.  And by easily, I mean, put him in his bed and he's out within a couple of minutes.  The past few nights, he's fought sleep pretty badly, and woken up a few times in the night.  I guess that's the way it is with babies.  You get good nights, and you get bad nights.  Hopefully, if it's the tooth that's bothering him, it will pop through soon and we can enjoy a little peace until the next one shows up.

I have no pictures today, because we were all kinds of busy this weekend and didn't take any - I know, bad mommy!  We'll have some tomorrow morning, though, so check back!

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