Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Weekend fun!

We visited Grandpa's and Nonna's house on Saturday for Poppy's (Nonna's dad) 90th birthday.  Unfortunately, we haven't a single picture of Grant with his great-grandfather... yet.  I think Nonna got some, so we'll see soon. But, here are a few pics of Grant with Grandpa and one with cousin Kayla!

What's that, Grandpa?

You make me laugh!

Visiting with Kayla - I'm almost as big as she is!

Sweet baby dimples.

And on Sunday, Mimi came to visit!  We had a great afternoon - delicious lunch and girl time at the Firewheel Mall.  Well, girl time with one baby boy is still girl time, right?

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  1. That smile is delicious! My nephew, Kaden, was a really big baby compared to his cousin, too. He's so adorable, Andrea! :)


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