Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Worn out from the weekend

This weekend was pretty rough for Grant.  He's teething again.  He has one tooth that has popped through really well, but we suspect there are other/s trying to make an appearance.  Teething causes Grant to yell out loudly, cry, fuss, have diaper rash, not sleep, and make his parents very weary.  We could use some good vibes and any tips you may have.  And please don't comment about the elusive and wonderful teething tablets.  They were recalled, and can't be found anymore.

Grant spent the weekend with Mommy, Daddy, Grandpa and Nonna at the lake house.  He did some fun stuff like try food for the first time.  He tried sweet potatoes and squash.  Neither were a really big hit.  We took pictures, and those will be uploaded later this week.

In other news, Grant likes his toy bar and baby mirror.  He'll play and play until he falls asleep.

In order to not wake him, we took the butterfly he was gripping off the toy bar.


  1. Teething is no fun.at.all! Poor guy! poor parents too! When Alex was a baby, we mushed up bananas, froze them and them put them in one of those mesh teethers. We also used a new baby sock once...desperate times call for desperate measures, lol! I'll be thinking about yall and sending you some good vibes! :)

  2. Aww he sure had one heck of a grip on that butterfly. :)

  3. Poor buddy! I wish I had something to contribute here, but I sure don't. You've probably tried a gazillion different teething toys, but maybe give one of the wooden ones a whirl, if you haven't already. Some parents swear by them, and even if Grant doesn't take to it, then hey, at least most of them are pretty!

    P.S. OK, I know it's all hippie-dippy and whatever, but desperate times call for desperate measures: How about one of those amber teething necklaces/bracelets/anklets? (I'm totally going to buy one just because they're pretty, but I'm like that. And if it works? BONUS!)

    P.P.S. OK, maybe I have more to contribute than I thought. Just remembered these.

  4. OMG, I LOVE those chomping necklaces! I'm going to have to get one of those. I've never seen them before!

    We've been doing the frozen washcloth thing, and he really really likes it. He actually woke up this morning happy for the first time in days. I hope that the worst of the cutting of this second tooth is behind us!


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