Wednesday, July 27, 2011


Grant already has two bottom teeth.  This past week (around July 18th) he was really fussy and cranky.  I knew something was up, and figured it was teeth.  I didn't expect him to get TWO at once!  Honestly, Rob and I are glad, because he was inconsolable for about 3 days until they popped through.  I'd rather have him get two at once, than go through that process twice!

See his chompers?

We were using the finger brush on his bottom teeth daily, and he really likes it.  He also likes the taste of the baby toothpaste we use.  Last night I picked up a real toothbrush for him.  He loved it!  This morning was our first attempt at brushing his teeth.  It's a little hard to get around his tongue, but otherwise, we were successful.

What's this thing?

Does it go in my nose?

Oh!  My mouth?

Got it!

I got this, Mom.

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  1. Poor teethy boy! He's pretty darn cute with that toothbrush, though :)


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