Thursday, July 14, 2011

Forced Tummy Time

Grant hates being on his tummy, and unfortunately for him, it needs to happen if he's ever going to crawl.  I've told him all about how his classmates are all crawling now and that he needs to catch up, but he just looks at me like I'm crazy and asks for another bag of potato chips and the Wii remote.  

But, we're working on it.  A lot.  And there are tears (not necessarily all Grant's!) and there are fits (also, maybe this applies to more than just Grant), but we are doing it.

I'm so over it, Mom.

And sometimes, Dad likes to pile on.  But it's getting better.  Each day he tolerates it a little more.  That's progress, right?

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  1. There's probably no scientific reason behind this, but anecdotally, all the baby boys I know HATE tummy time! I wonder why?!


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