Thursday, July 7, 2011

His first musical instrument.

Growing up, I always wished I could play the piano.  The opportunity wasn't there for me to take lessons, and I'm afraid it's far too late for me to start learning.  I've always gravitated toward music that is predominantly piano (Ben Folds who?), and I guess I'm hoping to share that love with Grant.  We definitely want him to be able to play an instrument or two eventually, and we've got to start somewhere!

One of Grant's teachers at daycare said that he loves this toy piano, so I had to get one for him, of course.  Here he is banging away on it.  He loves it!


  1. HA! We're on the same page. this is Harper's first toy! Now it's just waiting for her to get here!

  2. Uh oh, looks like Grandpa is going to have to get the piano tuned for Grant's lessons and practice.


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