Monday, August 15, 2011

Grant moves up to the big boy class today!

At his daycare, a shift has taken place.  All the kids are basically moving up a class, more or less.  This means, Grant is in the big boys' class!  I call it that because all his little friends (all boys, but one!) had slowly graduated to suite 150 out of the infant room over the past 6 months, but Grant stayed behind because he hadn't begun crawling yet.  Well, today, the shift took place anyway, because all the older kids started kindergarten and basically everyone was moving up one class. Some of the babies that were in his infant class with him originally, are still in suite 150, so he gets to see his friends again!  Hopefully, he'll get to spend some time with them before they graduate to suite 200.

We took some pictures this morning to commemorate the event!


  1. Time is flying Andrea. So glad you are taking so many pictures to remember all the milestones. :)

    I'm off to see my nephew today... he was one month old this past Saturday!

    Keep the pictures coming. :) Grant is such a sweetie!

  2. That is so stinkin sweet...and cute! Love the updates!

  3. He has so much personality! What a sweetheart. Congrats, Grant!

    And, Andrea, you look great! (I'm not saying it because I'm surprised, just making sure someone says it. :) )

  4. loving seeing a pic of the both of you :)


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