Friday, September 30, 2011

Grant's gone tubular!

We are exhausted!  Our morning started at 4:45am, when Rob and I got up and began getting ready to go to the hospital.  We had to be there by 5:45.  Grant couldn't have anything to eat or drink after midnight, so we let him sleep until about 5 minutes before we left the house.  With a quick diaper change, we were off!

Once we got to the hospital, we were in line behind two other babies getting tubes.  It was a long wait at registration, then a long wait in the waiting area, then a long wait in our "room" (little more than 3 walls and a curtain).  They made Grant wear their special PJs, and we snapped a few pics of him in an attempt to pass the time.  But around 7:30, they finally took him back.

They weren't kidding about how quickly the surgery is done.  The doctor walked into our area within 10 minutes of them taking Grant back to tell us it was already over and that Grant was headed to recovery.  That was fast!  They give the babies gas sedation, so it's a very smooth and fast process.  Waking up from the gas was a different story.  Grant was not happy.  It took about 45 minutes for him to finally calm down and pass out on Rob's shoulder, just in time for them to discharge us and wake him back up!

When we got home, Grant slept for THREE hours straight.  Poor guy.  The he woke up like this!  (I know, I'm so mean for taking this pic!  Also, look at all those pacis!)

But all was good, because he was quickly back to his normal self.  Happy and HUNGRY!

Then he took another two hour nap.  Whew!  I hope he sleeps tonight!

The doc said that the tubes won't cause him any pain and that with this anesthesia, he'll likely not even remember being at the hospital.  Everything he predicted appears to be the case.

Now, if he can just stop having ear infections, or at least reduce them significantly, we'll be very happy.

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  1. glad he's doing well. that screaming picture makes my heart hurt. poor little guy :(


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