Monday, September 19, 2011

We're working on it...

This weekend, Grant was really under the weather because he's on a strong antibiotic that does nasty things to babies' tummies.  We didn't do much to venture outside of the house.  So Grant got a lot of snuggle time, and a lot of one-on-two time with both Mama and Daddy!

Grant, at 9 months old, still hasn't crawled yet.  I think maybe he's too indulged - we bring everything to him.  He has no need to get around, thus real motivation.  Yet, we work with him on this skill as much as possible.  It's paying off, as he's now scooting backward when he's on his tummy, and he can make real progress toward things by pivoting 360 and pushing backward with his hands.

See, I can get to my Sophie!

Mama, can you help me get up on all fours?

Oooh, look, I'm doing it!

Let me just get my Sophie over here... oops!  I didn't know I needed that arm to keep my balance!

This crawling stuff is hard work.

Wanna try again, Mama?

Here we go!


  1. OMG, Andrea, he's getting so big! His look of discovery there in the middle then the ones of pure love and joy at the end are just priceless! :) You've got such a handsome boy.

  2. Andrea-
    He is so cute...I love the pictures...


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