Monday, November 7, 2011

11 months old!

Yesterday, Grant turned 11 months old.  ELEVEN!  WHAT??  Do you know what that means?  We have to start planning for a birthday party!  EEK!  Grant is getting so very big.  He wants to do things his way and doesn't want anyone messing with him.  This includes baths - he wants to play, but not actually bathe, brushing his teeth - he wants to chew on the brush but not let you brush for him, and doing other mundane things, like washing his hands, his face, etc.  He's basically a tiny dictator.  Wonder where he got that control-freak nature?

*whistles and shrugs*

What has Grant been doing lately?  Well, this month he's finally learned how to push himself up into a seated position.  This is great!  He no longer gets frustrated on his tummy and can sit up on his own!  But, he's been doing this in his crib in the middle of the night, and then he doesn't know how to lay back down again, so he cries for one of us to come help him.  Which is not so great.  So, I guess this is just another one of those phases of baby-hood no one bothered to tell us about.  ;)

He's also recognizing routine more.  He knows when I put him in his high chair that food is coming, and will start jabbering away.  Or, when it's bath time, and I set him on the bathroom rug to get him undressed, he will crane his neck over to the tub to see where all his toys are and listen to the water running.  If we walk him near a light switch and hold him toward it, he will turn the light on and off (usually).

He officially can no longer be left on the bed alone.  He will crawl over the edge in two seconds. (not that he has ever gone over!)  He hates when we're getting ready in the mornings and he has to sit in his playpen.  Sometimes, he will jump in his jumper, but only for about 20 minutes or so, then we have to switch to another activity.

Saturday, Grant got to meet his Great Aunt Lois and Great Uncle James in Canton.  Although Great Uncle Jeff considers himself the greatest "great", he may have to fight that one out with my Uncle James.  Lois and James were very happy to meet Grant for the first time, even though Grant was not happy about being out of my arms.  I am sorry to say that I didn't get any pictures of this!

On Sunday, we played inside, and Grant got to ride on his big boy toy for the first time!

After a rather ungraceful dismount, Grant was understandably upset...

But quickly recovered to investigate why this toy is so crappy.

And then he saw all his other toys and decided to protest the ride-on toy by making a giant mess of his room. But it's OK, because we had a good time playing with everything.


  1. We went through the sitting up and crying phase. We ended up toughing it out and letting her fall asleep sitting up a couple times. That made it a little less fun for her!

  2. Aww he is getting so big. :) I can't believe how time flies.

  3. Sits up and doesn't know how to get back down again! Sounds like a cat in a tree. Or a cat on top of the fridge. Or a cat . . . I can't think of any more. But cute!


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