Thursday, December 15, 2011

"But he will have an amazing immune system one day!"

People tell me this all the time.  I can appreciate the sentiment, but it's frustrating when that 'one day' never seems to get here!

So, on Friday of last week, after 2 days of 103-104 degree non-stop fever, poor munchkin was diagnosed with the flu and RSV.  We were given Tamiflu and sent home.  By Saturday morning, he was fever free and feeling a lot better.  But then THE RASH OF ALL RASHES overtook his tiny little body, and he began coughing.  A lot.  So, we decided that we were just going to keep him home for the whole week, to make sure that we were giving him every opportunity to recover as much as possible before tossing him back into the daycare mix.

On Monday, he was a little run down.  Rob ended up taking him back to the doctor to have the rash looked at, and his doctor thought he may have pneumonia because the congestion had moved into his chest.  So, we went back on super-sized breathing treatments.

On Tuesday, he was definitely feeling better, and trying to get to my computer where I was trying to work!

By Wednesday, the breathing treatments were working wonders, and he was feeling so much better.  His nonna stayed with him Wednesday and today, and will keep him again tomorrow.  We are very thankful to have helpful family members in times like these.  She reported that he was very playful and spunky yesterday, so I'm guessing he is getting back to his old self.  

And we are ever so grateful.  Hopefully, we'll have a good bit of time in between this and the next daycare outbreak!

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