Friday, December 16, 2011

More birthday party pics!

My friend Romonia, from high school, who took Grant's birth pictures, came up to attend the birthday party, and was kind enough to snap a lot of great shots while I had my hands full.  Here's what she got!  Enjoy!

"Happy Birthday Grant"

"Grant Is One!"

Grant was de-pants'd (is that a word?) so that his jeans didn't get covered in icing...

The only time his cake will have just one candle!  ::sniff::

Grant needed a little encouragement from Mom and Dad.  He wasn't so sure about this cake thing.

After tasting it, though...

He decided it was pretty good stuff!

Grant gets words of wisdom from Daddy.

And Grandpa!

And makes a giant mess of himself!

I'm all done now, ok?

After a quick clean-up and wardrobe change...

He was back to enjoying his party guests!

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