Saturday, December 3, 2011

A perfect party!

Here are a few pics from Grant's big day!  And to those of you who read this blog and were at his party, thank you thank you thank you for making this day so special.  We've certainly come a long way this year, and we are so happy that each and every one of you came to celebrate the milestone with us!

First, the cake!

The flower arrangement was a gift from Grant's great Aunt Faith.  She even made the card! 

Grant shows off his motoring skills.

Grant was more than a little blessed with gifts.  Today was an eye-opener to just *how* blessed Grant is, and after unpacking all his new gifts, we packed up a lot of his old toys and will be making a trip to The Family Place to donate them to the children there. 

Here were a few of his guests!  Brady Cakes!  

Miss Diva Dahlia, in the spirit with her "1" shirt on!

Sweet little Ford!

Rhett was hungry and had a well deserved bottle break.  His birthday party is tomorrow!  He and Grant will be partied out by the time the weekend is over!

Grant had a really great day.  


  1. Looks like Grant had a great first birthday! :)

  2. The big ONE! Happy birthday, little guy!

  3. What a fun party! Happy birthday little dude!

  4. Such a cutie pie! That's great about the toys. Go, you! :) Happy belated, Grant!

  5. That cake is awesome! I hope it tasted as delicious as it looks!


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