Thursday, February 23, 2012

How Grant throws a tantrum.

I keep telling Grant that with all the dog hair on the floor, it is too dirty for him to crawl around on.  We try to keep him contained to crawling in his room, or on the weekends, after the house has been vacuumed.  But he doesn't listen.  

Huh?  I don't care about dog hair.


I *do* care about the dogs!  And I see Cole!  Here I come!

(Giggling madly...)  Right after this picture, he went straight onto Cole's bed - YUCK!  So of course, I pulled him off and set him down next to it...

...where he went into "tantrum pose".

This is how he throws tantrums.  Sometimes he cries, sometimes, he's just silent.  Like today.  His silent tantrum protest of not being able to crawl onto the dirty dog bed.  (Cole and Daddy watch with interest.)

Still protesting.

Still protesting.

And sometimes, Daddy tickles put an end to it.  :)

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