Wednesday, February 8, 2012

How things work.

Grant has reached an age where he is very inquisitive and wants to "work" things.  He will stack and unstack cups, pull things like bags of chips off our pantry shelves just to crush the bags, and will pet the dogs when the walk over to him.  His latest obsession is the baby gates.  He can be entertained for 30 minutes just opening and pushing the gate to a close.  The caveat to this is that, obviously, he can't get them open after actually closing them, and in turn gets mad about it!

Mama, come open this gate for me!

It's closed and I can't make it work.

Am I not being clear enough for you?


I'm a big boy!  I can walk in and out and open this gate!

Let me push it to and open it over and over...

Oops!  That's not what I meant to do!

Wait a minute...

I know where there's another one...



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  1. That second photo is the BEST! I've rarely seen someone look so cute and so pissed off at the same time.


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