Monday, February 13, 2012

Really long post, but oh so special!

Grant got his very first haircut on Saturday!  We had to make an appointment at Cool Cuts 4 Kids in Plano because last weekend, the wait was 45 minutes!  We arrived right on time, and got all set up - the camera out, distractions ready, the whole nine yards.  We found out ahead of time that Cool Cuts, like most kiddie hair salons, have a special "First Haircut" kit, that allowed us to save a lock of hair and record the day.

So, on to the pictures, right?  There are a lot - be prepared!

Here we are, just getting settled into this cool firetruck chair!  But of course, Grant wasn't having any of it!

No, Daddy!  I'm scared!

Time to put on the superman cape!  Grant was a little torn on whether he was still scared, or wanted to watch cartoons.  They had televisions mounted on the walls in front of the chairs.

What is she doing!?  Daddy, get me out of here!

Snip snip!

Ok, this isn't so bad, as long as you don't go anywhere and I can see the cartoons.

More cutting!

I'm not letting go!

Mommy's turn!

Getting buzzed.

What is that noise??

All done!  Getting brushed off and cleaned up!  Mommy only cried a little.

Finally!  I can explore this truck without being tortured!

Would you look at this LITTLE BOY??  :sniffle:

My two favorite guys in the whole world!

Happy, handsome boy!  (And by the way, have you SEEN all those teeth?)


  1. He is ADORABLE...(Grant mostly but Rob's pretty cute too :)) Hugs to you all

  2. Oh he is so adorable! :) Look at all those teeth! EEK!

  3. That fire truck chair is pretty cool. Why can't I sit in one of those while I get MY hair cut?

    And GIIIIIRL, you are lookin' FINE! You must send some of your good baby-weight-losin' juju my way.


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