Friday, March 9, 2012

15 months old!

So, on March 6, Grant turned 15 months old!  He went to the doctor on Tuesday and got three immunizations.  He cried for about 30 seconds, and then he was back up and running around the office trying to get into everything.  Nothing slows this boy down.

And my how he has grown the past three months!

Here are his stats:

26 pounds 15 ounces (75%) - this is up 3 pounds 14 ounces from his 12-month appointment!
32" long (75%) - this is up 2 inches from his 12-month appointment!
18.??" head circumference (50%) - I can't remember this one, but I'll update it when I get the sheet from the doctor.  I do remember it was 50%.

In months past, we've just laid him on our bed to take his monthly diaper shots.  The past few months, his mobility has made that increasingly more difficult.  And his size has made it impossible to get far enough away from him to get him all in the camera without having to stand on a step-ladder!  So, from here going forward, these will be known as the "carpet months".  :)

So what is he doing lately?



He hardly ever crawls, and he is getting faster at walking every day.  I'm positive he will be running within the month.

He's also signing a lot.  His current list of known signs are:

  • Milk
  • Cookie
  • Ball
  • More
  • All done
  • Please (this one is huge for him!)

We're working on a few more like, thank you, eat/hungry, water, mama, daddy, socks, and shoes.  Oh, and ice cream!  I think he will learn ice cream soon because he always wants my ice cream.  I can no longer enjoy an ice cream sandwich alone, and if he's in the room, then he will throw a fit to have some of it.

He's also eating a lot more.  He is pretty picky about what he'll eat, but he does like chicken, and that helps a lot.  He'll eat it almost any way we make it - grilled, rotisserie, nugget-form.  I like that he gets a good dose of protein from it, and he likes the way it tastes - win-win!  He also loves corn, broccoli with cheese and rice, bananas, yogurt, pancakes, waffles, mandarin oranges, beef ravioli, mashed potatoes, squash, mac-n-cheese (of course!  he's my kid after all!), peaches, cookies, puffs, Hope's bran muffins and NUTELLA!  I've never tried Nutella before, and everyone raves about how delicious it is, so I bought some, and guess what.  GROSS.  I hate it.  It's like peanut butter, except made with hazelnuts, skim milk and a "hint of cocoa". Anyway, Grant loves it.  Like, really, really LOVES it.

With all that he's eating now, it's no wonder he's gained almost 4 pounds in 3 months!

But the height is what's really killing me.  He's too tall for all his pants!  Thank goodness summer is right around the corner!

And the shoes!  His baby feet are huge!  He outgrew his 4.5 shoes within a month.  I am now starting him on 5.5s! Maybe we'll get some actual use out of this pair before he gets too big for them! Grant is really enjoying books right now. He will open them and "read" them to you. He's also very much into handing you things and then taking them back. He will do that non-stop if you sit with him long enough.

The only other news is that Grant has been well for 6 weeks now. SIX WEEKS. This is the longest stretch of healthy we can remember.  He stays home through the week now with a nanny, and is thriving.  She teaches him so much, and he is getting smarter and smarter every day. It's pretty amazing to witness.  The other day, I heard one of his baby apps on the phone say, "Shake, shake, shake!" and he started flapping his arms. No one knows where he learned it! He's just so cute!

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