Wednesday, April 4, 2012


Every spring for the past 20 years (at least), I've seen fields and fields of bluebonnets crop up around me, where ever in Texas I was living at the time, and I always thought I'd have children one day, and I'd be one of those moms getting her babies' pictures among the flowers.

Well, that day finally came!

I'll have more to share when Stephanie sends me the DVD of the final images.  His outfit, complete with matching plaid shoes was a gift from his adoring "Aunt" Debra.  :)

Photos by my friend Stephanie Sifuentes at Dahlias and Daisies Designs.


  1. As usual... ADORABLE! :)

    Love the idea with the field of flowers.

  2. What a GORGEOUS setting. And what a gorgeous-er little model!


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