Monday, July 16, 2012


Well, we went to our first Gymboree class on Saturday.  One of my moms group friends takes her son there every Saturday at 10:15, and me and another moms group friend decided to give it a try.  

Since pulling Grant out of daycare, he hasn't seen his friends from school (or any friends for that matter) in almost 6 months!  He's completely surrounded by adults all the time.  I wondered how he would do.  I went to talk to the teacher on Friday, and she really thought that Grant should wait for a few months, since the class is for 22 months and older.  But, I was insistent.  Brady and Alexander (two of Grant's daycare friends) were going to be in this class.  And while they were both a few months older than Grant, I really thought he would be able to keep up.  So, we did it.  I won't say I wasn't worried!  But he did wonderfully!

The entire class theme this week was ducks.  The kids pretended to be ducks, went on a duck hunting adventure, quacked like ducks, "fed" the ducks, and pointed out ducks in pictures.  It was really cute.  Grant found some ducks when prompted, and didn't want to put them down - much like all the other children.  I'm not sure if he stopped smiling the whole time he was there.

Rob and I both went, and I'm kind of glad because it took two of us to keep him focused on the class.  He was EVERYWHERE.  The best part was the parachute at the end of class.  He really enjoyed being under the parachute.

We signed up for weekly classes.  It went so well, and Grant really needs to have interaction with other children.  I'm just hopeful that he doesn't start catching all kinds of colds and stuff.  We'll see how it goes!

I've got ducks!

This is the parachute we fluff out at the end of class and we all get underneath.  It's really fun!

Grant running around the mats.

Can we come here every Saturday, Mama?

We sure can, Munchkin.

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  1. The Gymboree here was booked SOLID last summer. With the weather so brutally hot, it was the only place kids could run and play. I'm pretty stoked to take Harper when she's old enough.


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