Tuesday, September 4, 2012

More playing at the park

We take Grant to the park a lot on the weekends.  There isn't a lot to do otherwise.  He's still too small to enjoy the pool since he doesn't understand how to hold his head above the water even with a life jacket on.  Next summer, we plan on swimming lessons, but for now, there's only so much time he will enjoy splashing around on the first step on the pool before everything else in the backyard becomes a distraction (flowers, bugs, pool equipment, BBQ grill).

So, to keep it fresh, we find a different park almost every weekend.  This weekend, we went over to Castle Hills.  There are 23 parks in that vast neighborhood!

Whoa!  I'm climbing that!

I made it!

Look, here's a little seat just for me!

It's fun up here!

Look, Mama, I found a big spider web!

Daddy can hold me really high!

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