Tuesday, October 9, 2012

A Visit to the Dentist!

He was timid.  No doubt - that's a nervous smile.

When Grant's name was called, we went to a DVD library and picked out a movie - Cars, of course.  They play it on televisions that hang from the ceiling.  Grant was very interested in the movie, but didn't want to actually lay back on the seat.

The let him hold a giant stuffed seal.  First they brushed the seal's teeth.  Then they brushed Grant's.

And he got a new toothbrush!  With Tigger on it!

Here they are putting special toothpaste on the toothbrush.

Aaaaand, this is the last of the non-crying pics before the process was all done.

He did really well, despite the tears.  They brushed his teeth really well (but we already do that at home), and then "Dr. Z" used the pick to check for cavities - he got the all clear!  And lastly, they did a quick flouride treatment.  After it was all done, plenty of hugs from Mama quickly got him in good spirits again.

Oh, and a new stuffed bear and a couple of Cars stickers didn't hurt either.  ;)


  1. What a good boy! Was this his first time?

  2. A movie and a giant seal? I sort of feel resentment toward my uncool dentist now.


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