Sunday, October 7, 2012

Harvest Festival at Calloway's Nursery!

Yesterday, we went to Calloway's Nursery for a visit to their pumpkin patch.  They had activities for the kiddos, including pumpkin decorating, sidewalk chalk drawing, and flower planting.  Grant didn't get into the chalk or potted flowers, but he enjoyed the pumpkin decorating.  It was a great time to go - around 4:00 in the afternoon and the crowd was completely gone.  It was great because we had the place almost completely to ourselves!

One cute thing we noticed - Grant kept saying "Boo!" every time he saw a decorative ghost!  We didn't teach him that!

Come on, Grant, let's go pick out a pumpkin!


This one looks good!

I'll set it right here!

Yay, stickers!

All done!  YAAAAY!

Did you see that black bird, Daddy?

Where did it go, Grant?  I don't know!

Pictures with Mama and Daddy!

Grant is ready for Halloween!

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