Thursday, November 29, 2012

Grant Says...

I thought I'd put a list of some of the things Grant's been saying lately.  He's talking so much.  Sometimes, he rambles on about something, that neither of us can understand, and will end the whole thing with, "alright".  Like he has so much to say and can't get it out!

He can pretty much try to repeat anything we say, and regularly does.  We have to watch our language around him, for sure!

I'll put the phrase on the left, and the interpretation on the right!

I lub-you! - I love you!
nigh-nigh - night night
painkay - pancakes (this is always said with much gusto!)
fridder - 'frigerator'
Pah-kah - Parker
Coe - Cole
sruck - truck
Gam-pa - Grandpa
I nuh no - I don't know
where you - Where are you?
Der it is! - There it is!
I dee it! - I did it!
Cwismas - Christmas tree or Christmas lights
apple pie - applesauce
Aunt Deba - Aunt Debra
nana - banana

Other things he says with no interpretation required:

doubles (this is a ball-throwing game he plays with Daddy)
let's go
high chair
Mama's car
Dada's car

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

So behind!

We're so behind in taking pictures.  Probably because the holidays are upon us, and we're equally stressed at work, but I am regretting how few pictures we've taken.  Grant is changing so much - every day.  He's a little boy now; all trace of baby has left him.  Well, except those diapers!  And...  That night paci.  But we're working on both!

We didn't take many pictures over the holiday.  We went to the lake house and had a HUGE Thanksgiving feast with family.  Grant played and played and played.  Here are a few action shots, unfortunately, all I got of the whole holiday!  :(

Wednesday, November 14, 2012


Grant LOVES blueberry muffins.  He gets very excited if you tell him there are muffins for breakfast.  He calls them "muppins".  It's terribly cute.  And boy, can he pack them away - 2 whole muffins this morning, and asking for more!

Saturday, November 10, 2012