Wednesday, December 19, 2012

Grant's 2 Year Stats!

Grant went to the doctor for his 2-year well-baby visit on Friday, December 14th, only about a week late!

His stats are:

37.5" tall - 99th percentile, OH WOW!  He grew 5.5 inches in 9 months!
31.13 pounds - 84th percentile
19.9" head circumference - 72nd percentile

No wonder his pants are all too short!  Poor kid can't wear 2Ts because they are too big around his waist, but 24mo sizes look like we're too neglectful to buy him properly fitting pants!

He patiently waited for Dr. Mix while perusing a couple of books about, what else, trucks.  This kid is obsessed with trucks.

When Dr. Mix came in, he said "Dr. Mix!"  We had to put the book down in order to get checked out, and that was his undoing.  He got two vaccines - a booster and the flu mist.  He also got his blood taken from one of his tiny fingers, and it broke my heart when they poked him.  But he was tough.  As soon as all the shots and ugliness was over, he sobbed into my shoulder, saying, "boooooook", while pointing down to where the truck book was on the floor.  Oh kid.

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  1. Poor boy got stuck full of holes!!

    Oh, but what a big boy he is! I can't believe he's two years old. It seems like he was born last month.


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