Sunday, January 27, 2013

Fossil Rim Wildlife Center & Dinosaur World!

Grant was in for a treat today.  We took a road trip to Glen Rose, about 100 miles southwest, to visit Fossil Rim Wildlife Center and Dinosaur World.  He did really well on the drive down, taking about a 45-minute nap.  We stopped for a barbecue lunch, and then it was on to see the animals!

At the preserve, they give you a bag of food to feed the animals, and they come right up to the car and stick their heads inside with no fear whatsoever.  Me, on the other hand, eek!  

We didn't let Grant feed them.  I didn't want the logistical nightmare of wiping his hands down every single time, and I'll admit - I was a teensy bit afraid one of his tiny fingers would be mistaken for a range cube.  It was fine, though, as Grant thought it was all terribly amusing.  He loved seeing all the animals!

Hello!  This guy was far too eager to stick his head in our sunroof!

What do you think of the giraffes, Grant??


Look at that tongue!

His head took up the entire opening!  Grant giggled like mad every time his head would pop in for more range cubes.

At the indoor petting zoo.  You stay there, goat.



These guys just stood there looking at us while we tried to drive slowly through.  We admit that we were terrified that we'd be rammed by one of these giant animals eventually!  It didn't happen though.  The only incident was when one of these guys here, hit their horns on the side mirror.  

Are these wildebeests?

Rhino mamma and baby!  Grant loved anything that had a baby with it.

Amazingly enough, we were able to find out the back story behind this guy, whom at first we thought was squinting in the sun.  Turns out, he was treated for glaucoma 2 years ago, by having his eyes removed.  It was a sad story at first, but the park worker assured us that he's been thriving ever since.  He's developed a relationship with another cheetah who shows him around the yard, and has even fathered a litter of cubs this year!  I think he's doing just fine.  :)

Later, we stopped at Dinosaur World, for a quick tour of the "over 100 life size dinosaurs!"  They were neat, but Grant wasn't too interested.  Thankfully he wasn't scared either.  Some of these were downright creepy!

He's saying "All done!" here.  Tired boy!

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  1. i would have DIED if a giraffe stuck his head in our sunroof! how cute!!


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