Wednesday, May 8, 2013

New Bike!

Grant's great Uncle Frank and Aunt Karen got him a rock-star tricycle for Christmas.  It's FINALLY warmed up enough that we were able to break it out, and guess what.  IT'S TOO BIG FOR HIM!  Even though he's a big boy - taller than average - his little legs simply can't reach the peddles and can barely reach the ground.  But oh my how he loves that trike.  He would beg and plead for hours to "wide my bike!", and so, we had to go out and get him something a little more his size.

Rob found this glide bike on Amazon and it is the perfect size for now.  Please excuse the no-helmet photos. He actually has a helmet, but Courtney didn't know that when she snagged these pics.  Rest assured, he's wearing it every time now!

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