Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Giving Pacis to the Paci Faerie?

So I heard this great idea about how to get rid of the pacifier from several of my experienced mom-friends.  Ok,  ok, so really, I thought the idea was kind of weird and didn't have any expectations of it working.

The premise is, there is a magical faerie who comes to take away the pacifiers and give them to babies who need them.  In return, she leaves a special surprise in the box where the pacifiers are left for her to take.

This would never work, right?

So, Grant decorated a special box with glitter paint and stickers.  He was told the story about the Paci Faerie, and was very interested in what surprise she was going to leave for him.  He put all his pacifiers in the box, and believe it or not, he went down for his nap that day without a pacifier and was totally fine!  He looked for a pacifier at the next couple of bedtimes, but the funny thing was, he wouldn't tell me what he was looking for.  ll in all, this actually worked.  Not once has he cried for his missing paci.

Oh, and the Paci Faerie left him a hot wheels Ferrari.  And just to show you how smart he is, he's been asking where Ryan's paci is, and as I've reported before, Ryan doesn't like them.  He asked me, "Mama, did the Paci Faerie bring Ryan a paci?"

Here are a few shots of him decorating his box.

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