Tuesday, October 8, 2013

4 months old!

Ryan reached the 4-month mark on Saturday.  And all's well in the Harris household.

Here are Ryan's stats from his 4-month checkup on Monday of last week:

15lb 10oz (60th percentile)
26.25" long (94th percentile)
17" head size (93rd percentile)

For a comparison, here is a link to Grant's 4-month stats.  He's a bit smaller than Grant, but longer. Maybe he'll be even taller than big brother?  That would be fantastic, because it's already so much fun trying to find clothes that fit Grant's long legs and tiny waist.

Ryan got 3 shots and a liquid medicine.  It's crazy how many vaccines these babies get at each appointment.  The 3 shots were even combo shots.  He got a DTap, Hib, Pneumococcal, Rotavirus, HepB, and Polio vaccine!  Crazy, right?  But we're thankful that not only is science advanced enough to protect our kids from all these deadly diseases, but that we're able to access this medical care so readily.

What's Ryan doing these days?  He smiles - a lot.  He's way more smiley than I remember Grant at this age. He sometimes gives tiny giggles, and I've discovered his feet are ticklish.  He sleeps through the night pretty regularly from about 9:30 to about 7:30 or 8:00.  Not too shabby.  Poor kid still doesn't have his own room though.  Second babies - they're so neglected.  Ha. He drinks about 30-36 ounces of milk per day.  The one thing that is markedly different from Grant is that he doesn't spit up as much.  I remember Grant spitting up ALL THE TIME.  I would walk down the hall with Grant and here it hit the wood floors over my shoulder.  And it went on for the whole first year of his life!  Ryan, not so much.  He'll spit up, but it's usually a tiny amount and all done, if he spits up at all.  We'll take it!

Diaper shots! (Can I just say that I hate camera flash?)  But look at those legs!  Nom nom nom.

Stop wiggling!!

Green eyes?  Brown eyes?  The verdict isn't in yet, but we're sure they won't be blue like big brother's.

And for comparison, here's Grant at 4 months!  Grant was so. much. chunkier!

See all monthly diaper shots here!

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