Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Harvest Festival

On Saturday, we took Grant over to the little Harvest Festival that the corner market puts on every year.  They have a ton of pumpkins and activities for the kids, like face-painting, pumpkin decorating, and a hay maze.

Here's Grant running to pick out his pumpkin...

Unfortunately, it was HOT and MUGGY and we got there about an hour before the fun stuff began, so Grant only got to do the hay maze.  He was scared at first, and wanted me to go with him, which was tough because they created tunnels that were really short for my tall frame!  But after I did it once, he did it about a hundred times by himself and thought it was great.

I made it!

Standing in front of the big spider again.  Remember this spider from just a couple of years ago?

And how did Ryan enjoy the Harvest Festival?  In typical Ryan fashion.

Grant picked out a pumpkin to take to a friend's house later that afternoon for a pumpkin-decorating party.  Those pictures will come tomorrow!

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