Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Pumpkin Decorating!

Grant went to his friend Brady's house to decorate pumpkins.  Mommy was too scared of the paint to go that route, but he had a really good time with the stickers.  Brady's mom Kerri put on a nice spread of yummy treats for all the parents, and about 6 boys got to decorate pumpkins and play in the backyard for a couple of hours.  Grant was far more interested in Brady's cozy coupe than he was in decorating pumpkins, as I'm sure anyone who knows him can imagine!

And now this handsome little guy is hanging out on our front porch.  Because we're all "fally" like that.

And Ryan hung out in the air conditioning with Avery, while I ate all the things in Kerri's house.  Ha.

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