Thursday, November 7, 2013

3-year Pictures!

We had a family session set up with Stephanie over at Dahlias and Daisies Photography, but the session got canceled due to impending rain.  I really needed some pics for Grant's 3-year birthday party invitations, so we ran over for a quickie session in the studio the other night.  Here are a few candid shots!

Isn't he just GROWN?  And those blue eyes!  We often marvel at how we made this adorable little man.

He was out of control, running all over the place!

This wasn't a session for Ryan at all, but Stephanie is a sucker for babies.  So she grabbed him and snapped a couple.  Too bad I didn't prepare for it and put him in a cuter outfit (I'm not Type-A at all, right?)!  But as everyone points out, he makes the picture, not his clothes.  :-)

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