Friday, December 6, 2013

Happy Birthday, Grant!

Rob and I took the day off and spent some real quality time with Grant today. It turned out to be a nasty ice-covered-everything day, so our nanny couldn't make it to work, but we are so glad we planned the day off so we weren't held to working from home and could have some fun with Grant.

He opened a couple of gifts and then we dressed him and baby brother in their Christmas PJs and ventured out into the messy ice storm to see Santa. 

Grant has been talking about Santa for weeks. I thought surely he would finally be ready to sit in Santa's lap and give him an earful about all the different trucks he wanted for Christmas. But wouldn't you know it?  He was so scared of Santa!  Getting him to nervously stand next to him while we took some photos was as good as it got this year.  Maybe next year??

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