Monday, December 16, 2013

Holy back-dated post, Batman!

Ryan turned 6-months old on DECEMBER 5th.  Welcome to the stage of life where I never have time for anything anymore, least of all, blogging.  :-)

Here are his stats from his 6-month doctor appointment:

Weight - 18lbs 2oz (63%)
Height - 28" (95%)

He got 5 shots (OUCH!) and a good once-over, wherein the doctor reported him to be perfect.

Have we reported that he has two teeth!?  He's so incredibly sweet.  There are days and days where he never even cries.  He's just so content all the time.  Which is great, because Grant already keeps me on my toes.

Ryan's diaper shots!

Here's big brother and stats at 6 months!

All the monthlies can be seen here!

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