Saturday, December 7, 2013

Birthday Boy!

Grant turned 3 on December 6th.  Even though we were iced in, we still had presents for the birthday boy, and managed to venture out to see Santa Claus.  Here he is opening his presents on his birthday!

Just like Mama, he tackles every task with him tongue sticking out.

He loved his new soft car racers!

Ryan was very happy to watch the events.

Later we tackled the ice storm and went to see Santa.  There was no one at the mall.  Half the shops were closed!  We saw Santa about 20 yards in front of us walking through the mall, and we were half surprised that he showed up for work!  But he did, and we got a good picture.  Here we are walking through the winter wonderland at Willow Bend Mall.

Grant ventures into the snow room.  We played in the snow just long enough for me to look like I had a really horrid case of dandruff that I couldn't

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