Thursday, March 27, 2014

9 month stats? Ok.

Yeah yeah, we're a lot late on this. But Ryan just went to his 9-month checkup on Tuesday.  And guess what. He grew 3.5 inches in 3 months. They were so surprised by this growth spurt that they came back in to measure again. 

21 pounds
31.5" in length

He's long and lean!  To give you an idea, Grant was 28.5" at the same age. What!!!  Grant was 10 oz heavier, too. So Ryan is leaner than Grant was, but oh so much taller. Crazy how different they both are. 

And guess what else. He had his first dentist appointment!  We figured might as well since Grant had to go too. Here are both the kids, and their frazzled mommy. 

Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Ryan is 9 months old!

Got some diaper shots this month!  Can you believe he's been in the outside world as long as he was on the inside world?  Time flies.

What's he doing these days?  Well, he started clapping on command this morning!  Cutest thing ever.  Courtney says he's starting to wave, too, but only at big brother.  He's been saying "Mamamamamama" non-stop, and that's about all he says.  He's not terribly chatty just yet, just like Grant, hardly ever even doing the baby-talk thing.

He's getting around a lot better these days, too.  He can't crawl on all fours yet, and he may not at all before he goes to cruising, because he is super fast with his zombie crawling, getting where ever he wants to go by just pushing with his left leg and dragging his right like an extra non-working appendage. It's really funny to watch him go.  Before too long we are going to need a whole new round of baby-proofing.

I don't have his stats yet because I haven't even made his 9-month well-baby-visit appointment yet.  Hopefully we'll get to that next week and I'll report back!  Until then, enjoy the pics!

I tried to grab a quick picture of Grant with Bevo, but he wasn't interested in pictures.  Because he has the Harris anti-picture gene.

Sunday, March 2, 2014

Another Birthday Party!

Grant went to a birthday party yesterday for his little friend Ford's 3rd birthday.  It was at that insane Going Bonkers place again.  Great for kids!  Baaaad for parents who have to chase them around the hamster tunnels.

Grant was not stopping to pose for any pictures, but I did grab this one of him enjoying his cupcake.  See the icing on his nose?  Why is he the only kid with a bib?  Because I'm a helicopter parent.  Plus, have you seen three-year-olds eat??!!