Monday, April 21, 2014

Grant's Easter Activities

Grant decorated eggs, and he also did a front yard egg hunt.  As parents always looking for the best interests of our children, we don't give Grant candy or sodas (and we get incredibly frustrated when strangers at the grocery store or bank, etc, will offer it to him, which is a side vent I'll save for another day!), we were at a loss as to tell the Easter Bunny what to put in his eggs!  So we came up with a combination of cheesy crackers (bunny shaped, naturally), Lucky Charms cereal, fruit snacks, and coins.  He loved it!

Decorating eggs with Mama.

Daddy, do you have to take pictures?

I can do it!

Look at me!

Egg hunting!

Counting all the eggs...

Enjoying the spoils!

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