Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Party Time!

It's almost like he knew this day was going to be awesome.  Look at that happy little face!

We had a giraffe party!  I hired my lovely friend Romonia to take pictures for us so we could enjoy Ryan, his party and each other instead of trying to capture every photography moment, and we haven't gotten those back yet, but here are a few iPhone pics from the party.

Same cake lady as always.  She makes amazing cakes!

Even though I think smash cakes are over-rated (after Grant barely touched his!), and after I had only ordered a cupcake, the amazing cake lady made an extra smash cake anyway, because she "had the extra batter"!  Whatever, we ate cake for days!

Getting everything ready...

And guess who LOVED ALL OF IT.  The kid that eats everything!

He especially loved the icing!

Sweet little 1-year old!

More and better pictures to come!

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