Saturday, July 26, 2014

Galveston, 2014 - Day 1

We really wanted to take a vacation with the kids, as we've not gone anywhere for vacation since 2012, when I was pregnant with Ryan and we went to Napa.  But have you ever traveled with a baby?  All that gear?  The options were limited.  We knew we'd have to drive; no doubt about it, simply due to needing so much stuff.  And we knew we couldn't drive far, with a cranky, rear-facing 13-month old.  So, Galveston it is!  We rented a little condo right on the beach in Point West, just south of Galveston.  

It was really nice!  It was a 2-bedroom condo, so Grant had his own bedroom, and the master bedroom closet was big enough for Ryan's pack-n-play, so everyone slept peacefully!  It was really nice to have a kitchen to cook in, and a living room for Grant to play in while watching his beloved cartoons.  

The turquoise/blue building to the left of the white building, second floor, was our space.

Our view from the balcony!

The first day, we spent the whole day at the beach!  Grant loved making sand castles with daddy, and playing in the surf.   Ryan loved taking in the scenery, although he'd have been much happier eating sand, I'm sure.

Daddy, taking a break.

Grant was burying his tools in the sand.

Our little setup.

"Rob & Andrea
Grant & Ryan

More pics tomorrow!

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