Monday, July 28, 2014

Galveston, 2014 - Day 3

On Wednesday, we hung out at the beach club!  Grant had a great time in the kiddie pool, meeting new friends, and playing in the sun.  This kid was made for water.  We sure do need to get him some swimming lessons, pronto.

Ryan hung back at the condo, chilling out in the air conditioning.

The previous night, I had gone out on the beach solo with a flashlight to catch crabs for Grant.  He was dying to see a crab, but during the day, it would never happen.  I ended up catching 8!  They are shockingly easy to catch.  I only had a bucket with a lid, plastic shovel, and a flashlight!  I released all but the biggest crab, and brought him back to the condo for Grant to see.  

After swimming at the beach club, Grant and Daddy took the crab to the beach to let him go.  They dug a little hole for him, and then dumped him in.  They took video of him burrowing deeper into the hole.  This crab was ready to be back under ground!

Here are Daddy and Grant coming back from the beach.

Later that night, we went to Gaido's Seafood Restaurant, where we battled the terrible twos threes, and tried to enjoy a delicious dinner.  But, hey, we were making memories, right???  :)

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